About Migration
Works Campaign

Migration Works is a campaign to promote positive attitude and behavioral change towards migrants in Malaysia. On the occasion of International Migrants Day 2012, the International Labour Organization (ILO), in partnership with the other United Nations agencies and civil society partners launched this campaign to promote a more positive image of migrants that corresponds to their actual contribution and highlights the benefits that migration brings, both to Malaysia and the migrants’ home countries.

Work In Progress by Star R.AGE

I probably got this Batman and Robin comforter when I was 12. When I moved to Singapore, I needed a few things from home to make it comfortable. My mom had actually packed a bunch of decent things for me but I swapped it out for things that I like. It’s just little things like these that brings to me the comfort of home. It’s the same one I used to sleep with as a child, and now here it is 15 years later.”

-- Dinesh has been in Singapore for 3 years as a line chef.
TikTok is very popular, especially in Bangladesh. I started doing it for fun but now I have many friends in TikTok. I have almost 80 thousand likes and have uploaded over 600 videos. I created a TikTok group for Bangladeshis in Malaysia. There are over 50 members in that group and this is our first hangout session. I started this because I wanted to make the videos back for people in Bangladesh. So they can see that even those of us that are working abroad are still united and remember Bangladesh.

-- Iqbal has been working in construction in Malaysia for the past 5 years.
The reason why I settled in Cameron Highlands is because it feels like home. My province back in Myanmar was cold like this too and there too I worked as a farmer. I used to grow corn back home, just like I do here, but we barely made enough to eat, so selling was not an option. The corn here tastes really good but if I’m being honest, the corn back homes tastes much better. I think it’s because we didn’t use fertilisers or pesticides. But we didn’t have an irrigation system like we do here. If it didn’t rain, we didn’t eat.”

-- Thang is a plantation worker who has been working in Malaysia as a refugee for 9 years.
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