MIGRATION WORKS is a campaign to promote positive attitudes towards migrant workers.

On the occasion of International Migrants Day 2012, the International Labour Organization (ILO), in partnership with the other United Nations agencies and civil society partners launched this campaign to promote a more positive image of migrants that corresponds to their actual contribution and highlights the benefits that migration brings, both to Malaysia and the migrants’ home countries.


An ILO study on public attitudes towards migrants in Malaysia, Singapore, South Korea and Thailand revealed widespread misunderstandings and misconceptions. Attitudes matter because they may translate in actions and behaviours that negatively impact on individuals and groups in society. For migrant workers, this can lead to marginalization and social exclusion, and discrimination and exploitation in the workplace and society.

In addition, where opinion surveys report negative attitudes towards migrants, policy makers may be drawn into introducing policies which reflect misconceptions and public hostility.

In order to improve knowledge and challenge misconceptions towards migrants, various experts and rights advocates have proposed a campaign to influence public attitudes. The UN has convened academics, NGOs, trade unions, university groups and others to develop this campaign. The mutual benefits of migration are reflected in the theme of the campaign: ‘Working Together, Walking Together: Migration Works for Us All’.