Real-Life Stories: Migration Works Campaign 2016







While people often overlook the ‘human’ in the workers around them, especially when they are migrants, there are some exemplary employers who show exceptional quality. Bathmasree Nagendrarao is one of them. Every year for the past five years, Bathmasree makes it a point to celebrate the birthday of her domestic worker Marry Fe Aure Pagapat.

“This is a small way I can show my appreciation to all her contributions to my family. “It makes her happy and at least she knows that we appreciate her,” she said.Marry, who came from Philippines, is the second domestic worker in her home. Bathmasree said this has always been the family’s practice even for the previous worker.“Previously we had a worker from Indonesia and she was with us for six years before she left. It is just a simple celebration but it is important,” she said.Bathmasree also explained that she has never placed any hard and fast rules to her worker provided that her children’s safety is taken care of.

“I have never set any strict rules. My only term and condition was the safety of my children.“I never gave her a time to wake up and do her works. As long as the necessary works for my children like getting them ready on time for school is done, then all is fine,” she said. Bathmasree added that generally Marry is a very hygienic and neat person, who always ensures that herself and her surrounding are clean and tidy. “I am happy to have to her as a worker and someone part of the family,” she said.


The Migration Works Campaign Team
April 2016