On 23-24 September 2013, the ILO GMS TRIANGLE project supported a Migration Works Campaign workshop with government and civil society partners to develop consensus around priority areas and key messages to change attitudes toward migrant workers in Malaysia.

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Participants included representatives of employers’ groups and private sector including Lexis Nexis, faith-based organizations, trade unions, human rights organizations, international organizations, including the International Organisation for Migration), journalists, the Bar Council, SUHAKAM (the Malaysian Human Rights Commission), student groups and the Ministry of Human Resources, as well as migrant workers themselves.

The workshop focused on identifying commonalities in participants’ visions for migrant workers in Malaysia, coming to agreement on core campaign objectives, exploring potential theories of change and reaching agreement on key messages for the campaign.



In addition, participants completed audience profiles and brainstormed ideas for the MTV EXIT public service announcement (PSA) planned for International Migration Day on 18 December 2013. Of particular significance, participants agreed on six key objectives for the campaign during the workshop:

1. Media represent migrant worker issues in a positive, unbiased, nuanced and sensitive way.

2. Government laws and policies demonstrate non-discriminatory, unbiased approach to meeting migrant workers’ needs, including through multi-ministerial services and responses.

3. Malaysians recognize that migrant workers contribute to the economy and to their communities.

4. Young people and youth communities are educated about and engaged in promoting positive attitudes about migrant workers.

5. Employers and outsourcing companies are aware of migrant workers’ rights, laws, and policies and act consistently with these.

Migrant voices and participation are earnestly incorporated throughout each of the above objectives in a meaningful manner.

The full report can be downloaded here:
Migration Works Messaging Workshop report