Start a movement

Migrant workers travel far, far away from their homes for years at a time to seek for better job opportunities and seek greener pastures. Often times, we forget that they are people working for a better future just like us. Be kind, for everyone is fighting a battle we know nothing about. Pledge to do a random act of kindness to a migrant worker today! This pledge aims to set out a movement to encourage kind interactions and positive attitudes towards migrant workers.


Learn about the injustices that migrant workers in Malaysia face, such as discrimination and exploitation, then use your voice to speak up on this issue.


Pledge for migrant workers to receive better and fairer treatment! Spread the word about the campaign to your friends and families.
#KindnessWorks #MigrationWorks


See the movement grow and spark that conversation that you’ve been meaning to have with migrant workers you always see around!

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